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Barbara Williamson

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EZ Learn aims to provide resources to make teachers' hectic lives that much easier. The learning guides for Accounting and EMS are popular because of how easy they are to use, for both teachers and learners.

The EZ Learn learning guides are regularly updated with all the new curriculum requirements, ready at the start of each school year. Revision guides are updated annually with year-end examination papers, available February each year (or earlier, with luck).

Additional resources are available via Dropbox - click here to access and download them.

All guides now also available in PDF format at HALF PRICE for use on iPad or other device. Guides can then be worked in on your tablet using any annotation app to enjoy the workbook format of the guides electronically. Order the PDF here

Sommige titels nou ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar.

About EZ Learn

Having taught Accounting and Business Economics (now Business Studies) for a number of years, both in the classroom and privately, I soon realised that there was a gaping need for material that learners would find easy and fun to work with. As a result, EZ Learn Books CC was born in 2001, with the creation of A+ Accounting study guides aimed at making the basic concepts easy to learn, including basic notes, examples and revision tests. EZ Business Economics Grade 12 was the next to be introduced, as I realised that pupils and teachers found the EZ Learn style easy to work with, and of course Business Economics guides for grades 10 and 11 soon followed. With the advent of the new, revised curriculum, text books for Economic & Management Sciences were soon launched as well.

It soon became apparent that the Accounting study guides needed to be upgraded to text books, and these were revamped and expanded into the popular EZ Learn guides they are today, characterised by fun activities, explanations that are easy to understand, relevant case studies and articles, worked examples, exercises covering a variety of skills and ranging from easy to challenging, and of course tests and exams for revision purposes.

In 2004 permission was obtained from both the Department of Education and the Independent Examinations Board to republish past examination papers, and the EZ Revision guides were born. More than just a collation of exam papers, these include detailed study plans, crash course or summary notes, exam questions divided into the different sections covered, and complete answers with helpful hints. This dynamic combination has proved incredibly popular with students and teachers alike.

The new Fun EMS guides have been launched in 2012 for the new CAPS requirements, and have been very well received. Combined with access to free additional resources via Dropbox, EZ Learn continues to keep up to date with changes in the learning environment. Self-marking Excel tests and other interactive activities, PowerPoint presentations for teaching and electronic teaching guides and solutions all contribute to a better teaching and learning experience.

Although a small business, EZ Learn Books seems to have found a niche in the market, and I thank everyone concerned for their loyal support and positive feedback. EZ Learn remains committed to providing materials that are current, fun, and easy to use, as well as additional support in the form additional resources (available via Dropbox), and personal assistance and advice to any teacher or pupil in need.

Barbara Williamson


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