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EZ Learn aims to make the teaching and learning of commercial subjects easy, relevant and fun. EZ Lessons, online EZ Classrooms and EZ Learning and Revision guides are available for IEB / CAPS and Cambridge Accounting, Business Studies and Economics.

Since 2001 EZ Learn has aimed to provide resources that are easy and interesting to use for both teachers and students. The guides were originally written based on my many years of teaching experience - both in the classroom and privately - of what works for students. Many students return to use these guides year after year, as they enjoy working through them. The learning guides are characterised by fun activities, explanations that are easy to understand, relevant case studies, worked examples and exercises ranging from easy to challenging. The revision guides include detailed study plans, crash course notes, past exam questions divided into the different sections, and complete solutions with helpful hints. 

EZ Learn has always offered much more than just learning guides. The guides are supported by free access to Google Classrooms with additional online material.  These support resources include ready-made lessons, quizzes and other self-marking tests, presentation slides, links to relevant videos or other resource material and complete solutions to the EZ guides. . Private extra lessons and revision workshops are also available. I have over 25 years' experience in CAPS, IEB, Cambridge and first year university courses, authored the EZ guides and was an IEB examiner for a number of years.

I am always open to suggestions, and would love to help you with any support or advice you may need. Just ask!

Barbara Williamson

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