EZ Learn Accounting

EZ Learn Accounting

EZ Learn’s Accounting text books approach the subject in a simple way that is easy to understand, showing learners the reasons behind the methods used. Once they have grasped the basics, the exercises move on to more advanced, challenging activities requiring higher order thinking skills.

Creative and fun activities, articles, and projects give colour to this “’grey” subject, making it interesting, relevant and practical. A range of portfolio ideas are included throughout the guides, with rubrics.

Solutions booklets accompany each learner’s guide so that they are able to check their work and identify problem areas as quickly as possible. This also means less valuable class time is wasted on marking! Of course, if your learners are not yet disciplined enough to cope with this, the solutions can easily be kept for class use only, and top learners can earn the right to keep their solutions at home.

 EZ Revision Accounting

They include past IEB, National (DoE) and original paper questions for grades 10, 11 and 12. The questions are separated into the different sections taught, with each chapter being introduced with a crash course on that section, including special exam tips. Accounting specific study skills and a specially designed revision plan are also included. The guides are in workbook format, and complete solutions include helpful hints.

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Electronic PDF versions at half price per learner. No more need for learners to carry heavy books about if they have their EZ Learn and EZ Revision guides on their iPads or other tablets. Use an annotation app to enjoy the workbook format electronically on any tablet. 

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