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Easy learning for learners

The learners' guides are laid out so that they are easy for learners to work from, and include loads of fun activities as well as basic notes that are highlighted for future reference. The workbook format makes everyone's lives easier.

Nou ook in Afrikaans beskikbaar:

 Pret Ekonomiese & Bestuurswetenskappe Graad 8

 Pret Ekonomiese & Bestuurswetenskappe Graad 9

 Click on the links below to download samples of the Fun EMS learning guides.

Fun EMS Grade 8 - sample.pdf Fun EMS Grade 8 - sample.pdf
Size : 753.419 Kb
Type : pdf
Fun EMS Grade 9 - sample.pdf Fun EMS Grade 9 - sample.pdf
Size : 2002.38 Kb
Type : pdf

Electronic PDF versions are available from ITSI and Snapplify

Dropbox resources

Teachers' guides

PowerPoint presentations

Self-marking Excel tests

Interactive self-marking electronic activities

Video lessons on Youtube 

 Customise books for your needs

If you'd like only part of a book (or books), they can be customised to suit the needs of your school. For example, if you'd like only the Accounting part of the EMS guide, this is possible. Simply contact me to chat about your needs and get a quote.

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